Tell Congress to End the Mandatory Nurse Aide Training Lock-Out

Legislation | April 23, 2018 | by Marsha R. Greenfield

LeadingAge is working to end this mandatory, automatically-imposed penalty, which is counterproductive to qualilty nursing home care.

Quality nursing home care the public can trust is a priority for LeadingAge. Our members have pioneered innovations in care and services that have made a major difference in the lives of nursing home residents and their families.

However, current law has a severe penalty that causes nursing homes with fines over a certain level ($10,483 as of 2017) to automatically lose their ability to train certified nursing assistants (CNAs) for two years - even if the care deficiencies cited are unrelated to the nursing home’s CNA training program. 

The loss of CNA training authority runs directly counter to the a nursing home’s ability to provide the highest quality of care. At a time of workforce shortages, this lockout can be a major barrier to improving and maintaining high quality of care.

Because the lock-out is statutory, imposed according to the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, legislation is necessary to correct the situation. We are working to get the necessary legislation introduced and passed by Congress.

Please join us by contacting your federal legislators and urging them to end the mandatory CNA training lock-out.