HUD Appropriators Rush to Finish Bill, Avoid CR

Legislation | September 18, 2018 | by Linda Couch

Congress is poised to pass a Continuing Resolution to keep HUD and other federal programs funded through December 7. There remains a chance, however, that Congress will enact a fiscal year 2019 HUD funding bill before the October 1 start of the new fiscal year. 

The HUD funding bill is in a package of four appropriations bills, H.R. 6147. In addition to the Transportation-HUD bill, the package includes the agriculture, Interior-Environment, and Financial services bills. Unprecedented since 2008, Congress has already sent three appropriations bills to the White House for President Trump’s signature and another three bills are likely to head to the president by October 1. Enactment of H.R. 6147 is reportedly being delayed by differences between the House and Senate versions of the Environment and Financial Services bills, not the HUD bill.

For the HUD portion of the bill, Congressional negotiators must decide on final funding for HUD programs. Overall, the Senate bill would provide $800 million more funding for HUD than the House bill would for fiscal year 2018. For the Section 202 program, the bills provide the same overall funding, but the Senate bill would provide $51 million for new Section 202 construction versus the $46 million provided by the Senate bill. The Senate bill also includes $10 million for a new home modification program within the Section 202 account. This program would be aimed at helping low income seniors age in place and would be carried out by nonprofits and public housing agencies.

The House is on a district work period until September 25, giving appropriations negotiators a few final days to get the HUD spending bill to the president’s desk before October 1. Without such an agreement, HUD will be under a Continuing Resolution until December 7.

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